POOL BALL BEADS for DIY JEWELRY w/Free Shipping Anywhere

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Finally...DIY (Do It Yourself) colored pool ball beads!  
Make some cool pool jewelry!

These are the beads you'd be looking for in a bead store and of course never find.  
50 random beads in this package so you can make some really cool bracelets or necklaces and show off your love of pool!  How cool is that :) 

Material:   FIMO       

Size:   12MM  (Conversion:  1mm=0.0394 inch, 1inch=25.4 mm)

Color:   Mixed/Random

Quantity:  50 Beads per bag

Use for:   DIY Jewelry Making

ALERT:  Shipping is FREE, Yet Please allow and/or expect 3-7 weeks for delivery because of covid-19.  These are shipping from China which has slowed down considerably in some cases.  Just place your order and be patient, you'll have a tracking number within a week or two and soon enough you'll receive a nice surprise in the mail and you can start using these 8-Ball beads artistically.  

We have discontinued most of our products shipping from China directly to you but this one is just too popular and will arrive, it just takes a little extra time than what we are used to.