8-BALL BEADS for DYI JEWELRY w/Free Shipping Anywhere

8-BALL BEADS for DYI JEWELRY w/Free Shipping Anywhere

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Perfect for use in making bracelets and necklaces for your favorite pool players.

These 8-Ball beads will jump out at pool players who like to advertise their love of the game, which is a lot of them!    

  • Material: Acrylic stone
  • Approximate Size: Outer diameter 10mm and hole size 3mm
  • Colors: black
  • Packing: 50pcs per bag

ALERT:  Shipping is FREE, Yet Please allow and/or expect 3-7 weeks for delivery because of covid-19.  These are shipping from China which has slowed down considerably in some cases.  Just place your order and be patient, you'll have a tracking number within a week or two and soon enough you'll receive a nice surprise in the mail and you can start using these 8-Ball beads artistically.  

We have discontinued most of our products shipping from China directly to you but this one is just too popular and will arrive, it just takes a little extra time than what we are used to.