"To serve pool, carom billiard, and snooker players across the world by supplying them with exceptional equipment, proven training programs, and unique apparel.

Cuemax aims to attract and nurture talent of all ages into the sport, and to develop and promote cuesports in fresh and exciting ways." 

Cuemax was originally founded in 1997 by then 3 time National 8-ball Champion Max Eberle under the slogan "Sportswear & Designs for the Greatest Game of all Time"

Now a World Champion (2013 10-foot table 14.1 Challenge Champion at the Derby City Classic), Max Eberle has expanded his vision by creating several instructional products and is now adding cues, equipment, and accessories.

This will give players of all levels the best possible chance to optimize their game and experience around the cuesport of billiards (aka pool in all of its forms, carom billiards, and snooker).  

Welcome to the Cuemax family!